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Circuit Court Vacancies

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Certified Judicial Vacancies for the 2022 Election

Primary Election will be held June 28, 2022 – General Election will be held November 8, 2022 – Terms of Office begin December 5, 2022
Note: These are for vacancies or vacancy announcements that occurred from December 3, 2019 through March 9, 2022. Additional vacancies will be added once certified. 

Cook County Vacancies

Circuit Type of Judgeship  Subcircuit Judicial Officer Status
Cook At Large N/A Margaret Brennan Retired Nov. 1, 2021
Cook At Large N/A Diane Gordon Cannon Deceased
Cook At Large N/A Michael Hyman Elected to the Appellate Court
Cook At Large N/A Pamela Leeming Retired Dec. 31, 2020
Cook At Large N/A Daniel Lynch Retired Aug. 20, 2021
Cook At Large N/A Kathleen McGury Retired June 1, 2020
Cook At Large N/A Joan O'Brien Retired Sept. 17, 2021
Cook At Large N/A Sharon Sullivan Retired Dec. 31, 2020
Cook Resident 1st Sharon Johnson Elected to the Appellate Court
Cook Resident 4th James Gavin Retired Jan. 30, 2020
Cook Resident 4th Patrick Rogers Retired July 6, 2020
Cook Resident 5th Jackie Portman-Brown Did not win retention
Cook Resident 5th Diane Shelley Retiring on Dec. 31, 2021
Cook Resident 6th Mauricio Araujo Resigned Oct. 5, 2020
Cook Resident 6th Raul Vega Retiring on Jan. 28, 2022
Cook Resident 7th Patricia Martin Retired Dec. 6, 2020
Cook Resident 8th Robert Gordon Appointed to the Appellate Court
Cook Resident 8th Thomas Lipscomb Retired July 1, 2020
Cook Resident 9th Jeanne Cleveland Retired Aug. 31, 2021
Cook Resident 11th Dennis McGuire Did not seek retention in 2020
CookResident13thSusanne GroebnerDeceased
Cook Resident 14th  James Brown Did not seek retention in 2020
Cook Resident 14th Raymond Jagielski Retired July 2, 2021
Cook Resident 15th Christopher Lawler Resigned Aug. 31, 2021
CookAt LargeN/ACheryl IngramRetired Dec. 31, 2021
CookResident9thMoshe JacobiusRetiring Jan. 30, 2022

Downstate Vacancies

Circuit Type of Judgeship County or Subcircuit Judicial Officer Status
1st At Large N/A Brad Bleyer Retired Aug. 3, 2020
1st Resident Union Mark Boie Elected to the Appellate Court
1stResidentJacksonCharles GraceRetired Dec. 31, 2021
1stResidentSalineWalden MorrisRetiring Dec. 4, 2022
2nd Resident Lawrence Robert Hopkins Retiring on Dec. 1, 2022
3rdResident1stWilliam MudgeRetiring Dec. 4, 2022
3rd Resident 1st David Dugan Resigned Sept. 23, 2020 - Federal Court
3rd Resident 1st Richard Tognarelli Retired Jan. 4, 2021
4th Resident Effingham Kimberly Koester Retired Dec. 30, 2020
4thResidentFayetteDon Sheafor, Jr.Retiring Dec. 4, 2022
4thResidentJasperDaniel HartiganRetiring Jan. 30, 2022
5th At Large N/A James Glenn Retiring on Dec. 4, 2022
5thResidentEdgarSteven GarstRetiring Jan. 28, 2022
6th Resident Champaign Jeffrey Ford Retired March 25, 2020
6th Resident Champaign Heidi Ladd Retired July 1, 2020
6th ResidentMaconThomas LittleRetiring Aug. 31, 2022
7th Resident Sangamon John Belz Retired July 5, 2021
8thResidentMasonAlan TuckerRetiring Dec. 4, 2022
8th Resident Schulyer Scott Butler Retired Sept. 30, 2020
9th Resident Knox Scott Shipplett Retired Oct. 2, 2020
10th Resident Tazewell Paul Gilfillan Retiring on April 8, 2022
10th Resident Marshall Michael McCuskey Retired on Oct. 19, 2020
11th At Large N/A Scott Drazewski Retired Dec. 31, 2020
11th At Large N/A Paul Lawrence Retiring on Dec. 31, 2021
12th At Large N/A Richard Schoenstedt Retired Jan. 17, 2021
12thResidentWillMichael PowersRetiring July 8, 2022
12thResident5thRaymond RossiRetiring Nov. 1, 2022
13th At Large N/A Eugene Daugherity Retired Dec. 7, 2020 - Appellate Court
14th At Large N/A Mark VandeWiele Retired Dec. 23, 2020
14th Resident Henry Jeffrey O'Connor Retired July 31, 2020
15th At LargeN/AMichael P. BaldRetiring Nov. 30, 2022
15th At Large N/A Robert Hanson Retired Nov. 30, 2021
16th Resident 1st James Murphy Retired July 11, 2021
18th At Large N/A Robert Kleeman Retiring on March 2, 2022
18th At Large N/A Dorothy Mallen Retired on July 10, 2020
Resident 12th  Jay Ukena Retired Jan. 30, 2020
19th Resident 3rd  Valerie Ceckowski Retired Jan. 29, 2021
19th Resident 4th  Diane Winter Retiring on Jan. 21, 2022
20th Resident St. Clair Stephen McGlynn Resigned Sept. 18, 2020 - Federal Court
20thAt LargeN/ARonald DuebbertRemoved by Courts Commission
21stResidentKankakeeMichael KramerRetiring Nov. 2, 2022
23rdResident DeKalbThomas DohertyRetiring July 4, 2022
23rd Resident DeKalb Ronald Matekaitis  Retiring on Dec. 29, 2021
23rd Resident DeKalb Robbin Stuckert Retired July 9, 2021
24thResidentRandolphRichard BrownRetiring Dec. 4, 2022