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Information for Legal Professionals | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

eFileIL provides the ability to electronically file documents anytime for no additional costs, to the Supreme Court, all Appellate Court Districts, and 94 trial courts using a simple, secure web portal (called an Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP)) thus offering a flexible, convenient filing process which reduces filing time and trips to the courthouse. Filers have the ability to select an EFSP that meets their filing needs. The Supreme Court has been clear with its principle that filers should not be burdened with additional fees to e-file and thus ensures eFileIL includes at least one EFSP service that offers e-filing to all filers for no additional costs other than the statutory filing fees and filing fee payment transaction costs (i.e., credit card processing). However, eFileIL EFSP providers are able to charge for value-added services that are optional to filers. As such, a filer is able to select an EFSP provider that best meets their filing needs.

How to Start e-Filing in Illinois

Step 1 – Verify that your county is accepting e-filings by visiting the Active Courts page.

Step 2 – Select an EFSP. An EFSP provides an online service to help you file your documents and act as the intermediary between you and the eFileIL system. Each EFSP offers a variety of additional services. You should evaluate which provider meets your filing needs (see comparison chart). You can change EFSP providers any time you wish or use multiple EFSP providers if one offers a benefit for certain type(s) of filings. You do not have to re-register on eFileIL to change an EFSP or if you are using multiple EFSP’s

Step 3 – Filers are responsible to ensure their filings are properly submitted. View the Configuration Standards and Procedures for the jurisdiction in which you are filing.

Many of the EFSPs also offer training videos and manuals that provide additional information on how to file utilizing that service provider’s filing portal. Once you register with a service provider,  you do not need to re-register should you choose to use a different provider. You may simply log in with your existing username and password.

Visit the  Service Providers page for a list of certified EFSPs.