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Illinois Supreme Court - Statewide e-Filing and Electronic Filing Manager - Request for Information (RFI)


Supreme Court Order

Press Release

Selected Vendor: 35 business days after execution of contract, submit revisions to EFM plan.

On behalf of the Supreme Court of Illinois, the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) is seeking to contract with a vendor for the implementation of a central electronic filing manager (EFM) service to facilitate statewide e-Filing in the Illinois judiciary. The EFM is to be an online service / portal, hosted and managed by the vendor, which will directly integrate with court case management systems (CMS) and authorized Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSP) to exchange documents and data from the filer to the court. The EFM is to offer electronic notice to parties, allow party access to court documents, and include the transmission of trial court records on appeal from each county through the EFM to the respective reviewing court and between the reviewing courts.

The experience and scalability of the EFM vendor is critical to the success of this time-sensitive e-Filing initiative. The proposals are to include a project plan, itemized costs, and general integration specifications detailing requirements for web service connectors to be used by EFSP and CMS partners. The EFM vendor is to provide a testing environment and work with EFSP and CMS partners on implementation and testing of electronic filings and the secure exchange of documents and court information. The EFM is to include a secure portal where each court can manage its e-filings, distribute documents, and reconcile the collection of fees and filing data.

The EFM proposals should provide details of the EFM company, its experience and descriptions of existing court EFM services in operation, and details describing the EFM services necessary to successfully implement the Illinois Supreme Court’s statewide e-filing initiative. Within thirty-five (35) days of an executed contract, the selected EFM vendor will be allowed revisions to its project plan necessary to meet the Court’s time lines and enhance the services offered.