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Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts - Conference and Event Management Application- Request for Proposals


On behalf of the Supreme Court of Illinois, the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) is seeking to contract with a vendor for the design and development of a conference/event management and registration application, which includes event planning, participant sign-up and authentication, participant registration, participant transcript/event history reporting, various other reporting/event administrative functions, and an integrated Learning Management System (LMS). The application can be a commercial/off-the-shelf application customized for use or an in-house developed application. The AOIC is requesting proposals from responsible vendors to meet the AOIC’s needs and timeline. If you are able to meet these requirements, we would welcome a proposal.

This solicitation is to work with the Supreme Court’s Judicial College and AOIC to design, develop, and deliver a functional conference/event management and registration application. The application is intended to operate on the AOIC’s existing Oracle database platform and not require new hardware, software or server infrastructure. Alternately, a third-party hosting proposal will be considered (see section below). The conference/event management and registration application is to provide robust event planning and registration procedures which will allow authorized users access to scheduled events, curriculum, and historical information. Reporting and search capabilities should include user-defined filters and sorting tools. The security roles and access system should prevent users from searching for information that they are not authorized to access. As well, searches should not be allowed to consume high levels of processing cycles which prevent the registration and event management application from operating properly. Event planning and administration functions are to be included to allow the administration of events managing logistical, technology, and event/room capacity planning as defined in this RFP and the resulting requirements document.

An existing conference management application is currently in operation. This project includes the migration of all data from this application to the new registration and conference/event management application, including events, participants, attendance records, and personal profile information.

Prefer, registration and event management application that includes an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) to host and deliver online courses.

The vendor is to use an agile process of development, where iteratively, small segments of the Registration and Conference / Event Management application are delivered to run from the AOIC’s database platform, where users are able to review and provide feedback for additional changes and acceptance throughout the entire project. This will allow constant feedback and revisions from users as they are frequently exposed to and have the ability to test the application. It is critical that the Registration and Conference / Event Management application be compatible with mobile devices as well as all standard computer browsers.