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Third Judicial Circuit

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Bond County FYI

Named after Shadrach Bond, the first Governor of the State of Illinois. Bond served as Governor from October 6, 1818 to December 5, 1822. The county received its name the year before Bond was elected Governor.

Constructed around 1884, Bond County Courthouse is located in Greenville's present day public square.

Third Judicial Circuit (Fifth Appellate District)

Bond County

Greenville, County Seat

Courthouse information:
Bond County Courthouse
200 W. College
Greenville, IL 62246
Telephone: 618-664-3208

Circuit Court Clerk information

Bond County Courthouse
Bond County Courthouse

Madison County Courthouse

Madison County

Edwardsville, County Seat

Courthouse information:
Madison County Courthouse
155 North Main Street
Edwardsville, IL 62025
Telephone: 618-692-6240

Circuit Court Clerk information

Madison County website

Madison County FYI

Named for James Madison, statesman and fourth president of the United States. He played a leading role in the Constitutional Convention (1787) and served two terms as president (18091817).

Madison County was formed before Illinois became a state. At the time of formation, the area was part of the Illinois Territory. In 1812, Madison County encompassed the majority of the state of Illinois. All of Illinois north of the current southern boundary of Madison County between the Mississippi and Wabash Rivers was part of the county.

3rd Circuit Court Judges

Information on Chief Judges and their Administrative staff

Circuit Court Judges and Associate Judges

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Permission granted for usage of courthouse photos courtesy of:
Illinois Regional Archives Depository
Illinois State Archives
Springfield, IL 62756