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Fourteenth Judicial Circuit

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Henry County FYI

Named for Patrick Henry, a lawyer, orator and statesman of the Revolutionary period, a member of the Continental Congress, and Governor of Virginia.

  • First County Commissioner's Court 1835.
  • First term of the County Commissioner's Court 1835.
  • First County and Circuit Clerk, James M. Allen.
  • First lawyer, Samuel P. Brainard.
  • First term of the Circuit Court, at Richmond, 1839.
  • First case in Circuit Court, Job Searls vs. Moses T. Stimpson.
  • First criminal indicted, John Porter.
  • Fourteenth Judicial Circuit (Third Appellate District)

    Henry County

    Cambridge, County Seat

    Courthouse contact information:
    Henry County Courthouse
    307 West Center St.
    Cambridge, IL 61238

    Circuit Court Clerk information

    Henry County website

    Henry County Courthouse
    Henry County Courthouse
    Mercer County Courthouse
    Mercer County Courthouse

    Mercer County

    Aledo, County Seat

    Courthouse contact information:
    Mercer County Courthouse
    P.O. Box 66
    Aledo, IL 61231

    Circuit Court Clerk information

    Mercer County website

    Mercer County FYI

    Named for Hugh Mercer, a General of the Revolution, killed at the battle of Princeton.

    County Population: 16,957
    County Houses: 7,109
    Land area: 561.0 sq. mi.
    Water area: 7.9 sq. mi.

    Rock Island County FYI

    Named from rock island of that name in the Mississippi.

    Rock Island County prior to its organization was included in the jurisdiction of Jo Davies County. In 1833 the Legislature passed an act declaring that all the territory embraced within the current county boundaries be known by the name of Rock Island. In pursuance of the provisions of this act, due notice was given to the legal voters to meet at the house of John Barrell (the first courthouse), in Farnhamsburg, on Monday, the 5th day of July, 1833, to elect three County Commissioners, one Sheriff, one Coroner, three Justices of the Peace and three Constables. The following were voted into office that day.

    Rock Island County

    Rock Island, County Seat

    Courthouse contact information:
    Rock Island County Courthouse
    1504 Third Avenue
    Rock Island, IL 61201

    Circuit Court Clerk information

    Rock Island County website

    Rock Island County Courthouse
    Rock Island County Courthouse

    Whiteside County Courthouse
    Whiteside County Courthouse

    Whiteside County

    Morrison, County Seat

    Courthouse contact information:
    Whiteside County Courthouse
    200 E. Knox Street
    Morrison, IL 61270-2698

    Circuit Court Clerk information

    Whiteside County website

    Whiteside County FYI

    Named for Samuel Whiteside, a Colonel of the Territorial militia, Representative in the First General Assembly, and Brigadier General of the militia during the Black Hawk War.

    On January 16, 1836, Whiteside County was formed with its current boundaries, but it continued to be attached to Jo Daviess County until December 1836 when it was attached to Ogle County. On May 6, 1839, the first Officers of Whiteside County were elected, and the county completed its organization thus terminating the connection with Ogle County.

    14th Circuit Court Judges

    Information on Chief Judges and their Administrative staff

    Circuit Court Judges and Associate Judges

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    Illinois State Archives
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