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Thirteenth Judicial Circuit

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Bureau County FYI

Pierre de Beuro [? - 1790] was a French Creole. He established a trading post on the Illinois River and trading with the Indians. de Beuro was killed in an Indian attack in 1790.

Thirteenth Judicial Circuit (Third Appellate District)

Bureau County

Princeton, County Seat

Courthouse contact information:
Bureau County Courthouse
700 S. Main Street
Princeton, IL 61356

Circuit Court Clerk information

Bureau County Courthouse
Bureau County Courthouse

Grundy County Courthouse
Grundy County Courthouse

Grundy County

Morris, County Seat

Courthouse contact information:
Grundy County Courthouse
111 East Washington Street
Morris, IL 60450

Circuit Court Clerk information

Grundy County website

Grundy County FYI

The father of the bill creating Grundy County was William E. Armstrong and he was an ardent admirer of Felix Grundy, the greatest criminal lawyer Tennessee ever had, and the Attorney General of the United States.  Through Mr. Armstrong's influence the new county was named Grundy although it is doubtful the famous lawyer ever set foot inside its boundaries.

LaSalle County FYI

LaSalle county was named after Robert de la Salle, a French explorer who sailed down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico and claimed the region for France. De la Salle, was responsible for the first European settlements in the area.

LaSalle County was originally part of Putnam County, which had been established in 1825.  In 1831, LaSalle County covered parts of present-day Kendall, Livingston, and Marshall Counties, and the entirety of present-day Grundy County. The current boundaries of LaSalle County were established in 1843.

LaSalle County

Ottawa, County Seat

Courthouse contact information:
LaSalle County Governmental Center
707 Etna Road
Ottawa, IL 61350

Circuit Court Clerk information

LaSalle County Circuit Court website

LaSalle County Courthouse
LaSalle County Courthouse

13th Circuit Court Judges

Information on Chief Judges and their Administrative staff

Circuit Court Judges and Associate Judges

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Permission granted for usage of courthouse photos courtesy of:
Illinois Regional Archives Depository
Illinois State Archives
Springfield, IL 62756