b'The reconstituted Judicial ConferenceAgenda during the pandemic, the worked for one year in developing theJudicial Conference has shepherded first ever strategic plan for the Illinoisthrough numerous changes, Judicial Branch, the Illinois Judicialimprovements, and innovations, many Branch Strategic Agenda, 2019-2022,of which the Supreme Court adopted which was released October 2019 andor assigned to staff to execute. At-a-covered three years from the dateGlance Operational Plans show the of its release. For the first Strategicinitiatives undertaken each year under Agenda, the Judicial Conference, withthe first Strategic Agenda and Task much thought and deliberation, craftedForce reports to the Supreme Court are mission and vision statements and a setavailable on the Illinois Courts website. of core values of the Judicial Branch. In the first Strategic Agenda, five strategicWith the accomplishments of the first goals were identified to be addressedStrategic Agenda, the Supreme Court with strategies designed to achieve eachhas directed the Judicial Conference to of these strategic goals.move forward and develop this second Strategic AgendaIllinois Judicial The Judicial Conference then movedBranch Strategic Agenda, 2022-2025, into an operational phase where itCharting the Course: Innovations and identified 21 initiatives to undertakeTransformations within the Illinois during the three-year Strategic Agenda.Judicial Branch. The reconstituted At the recommendation of the JudicialJudicial Conference has worked towards Conference, the Supreme Courtactualizing each Strategic Goal. This appointed eleven temporary task forcesprocess, which has relied on open and assigned each an initiative or twodialogue and collaboration, has allowed to complete. The task forces, like thejudicial officers, court personnel, and Judicial Conference,justice system partners are multi-disciplinary;The IJC will continue to to come together to they are made upenhance communication, think beyond day-of judges, clerks,cooperation, and to-day problems, court administrators,collaboration throughout anticipate and plan attorneys andthe Branch for the future, and justice partners. Theeffectively allocate task forces are chaired by Judicialand use limited resources to improve Conference members. Additionally, fourthe delivery of justice and better serve existing bodies, the Conference of Chiefthe public. Going forward, the IJC will Circuit Judges, the Access to Justicecontinue to enhance communication, Commission, the Judicial College, andcooperation, and collaboration the Commission on Professionalismthroughout the Branch, with justice were assigned initiatives. In all, over 250system partners, and with the public. people were involved in work on theThe IJC also will continue to listen and initiatives.respond to needs across the state and educate the public and others about the Despite the challenges ofjudicial system. implementation of the first Strategic STRATEGIC AGENDA 2022-2025 5'