b'The Illinois Judicial Branch is committed to: (1) increasing and sustaining necessary funding to meet the service, operational, and technology/infrastructure needs of courts and (2) using Judicial Branch resources (e.g., fiscal, judicial officers, court personnel, technology, etc.) responsibly and effectively. The Branch will achieve these goals through the following strategies.1.Budget and use resources in a4. Collaborate with executive andresponsible, accountable, transparent,legislative branches of government and cost-effective manner. at the state and local levels to ensure the Judicial Branch has the necessary 2. Demonstrate the need and buildfunding and resources to serve the support for court funding throughpublic and operate efficiently and information sharing and educatingeffectively. others about court costs and resource needs. 5. Seek additional funding and resources to ensure all courts are 3. Evaluate and address the disparity ofable to deliver services and operate resources in courts across the state toefficiently consistent with the evolving ensure court functions are adequatelyneeds of the Judicial Branch.supported statewide. STRATEGIC AGENDA 2022-2025 19'