b'FROM THE HON. MARY JANE THEISChief Justice, 2022-2025The success of the 2019-2022 Strategic Agenda started the transformation of the Illinois Courts. The new plan unveiled in this document, Illinois Judicial Branch Strategic Agenda 2022-2025, Charting the Course: Innovations and Transformations within the Illinois Judicial Branch, keeps us aligned with the mission, vision and core values that guide our work to reach our strategic goals centered around providing access to justice in a fair and efficient manner.I am frequently reminded that change is a constant in our lives and in the work that we do. The last few years have featured frequent developments that have required both the courts and society to adjust and adapt. This is something the court system has often been slow to do, but one positive of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it forced us to embrace change. This new Strategic Agenda and the work of the Illinois Judicial Conference are all about embracing change to improve our justice system. There has been a great sea change in the use of technology over the last five years from electronic filing to virtual courts. Courthouses that had limited internet or Wi-Fi service have been able to upgrade these necessary components. We must continue to build on that progress and embrace the next technological frontierdata. With the help of the IJC, impressive efforts are underway in the collection of data and the focus will shift to how we analyze and use that information to better serve our court users. On behalf of my colleagues on the Illinois Supreme Court, I would like to thank all of the IJC members for their incredible work to develop this new strategic agenda. I also thank the respective Task Forces that will be assigned to carry out the plan on behalf of the entire Illinois Judicial Branch. STRATEGIC AGENDA 2022-2025 3'