b'Improving procedural and outcome fairness, resolving disputes and legal matters in a timely and efficient manner, and enhancing the efficiency of court operations are priorities for the Illinois Judicial Branch. The Branch will achieve these goals through the following strategies.1.mplement, evaluate, and sustain5.Promote and implement procedural Ieffective case management standardsfairness principles and best practices. and case management practices for timely resolution of cases. 6. Encourage the use of court-based alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to 2.Implement, evaluate, and sustaineffectively resolve disputes. standardized data collection, analysis, and reporting. 7.Encourage the use and expansionof other problem-solving methods3. Utilize court performance datato achieve effective case outcomesand technology to guide courtand results. management, measure timeliness, and enhance operational efficiencies. 4. Modernize, simplify, and streamline court processes.STRATEGIC AGENDA 2022-2025 13'