b'FROM THE HON. ANNE M. BURKEChief Justice, 2019-2022When the Illinois Supreme Court reconstituted the Illinois Judicial Conference in 2019, it was done with the vision of being open and trusted by all by being fair, innovative, diverse, and responsive to changing needs. Little did we know how prophetic those words would be a few months later when the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down. The 2019-2022 Strategic Agenda provided an excellent framework for the Illinois Courts to follow during this troubling time. It allowed the Judicial Branch to continue its essential work for the people of this great state and create lasting change for the better. Some of the great successes achieved byIJC Task Forces include:1. Time standards for case resolutionA complete review of national best standards was completed to create uniform data measures and the first statewide time standards.2. Strengthening and Standardizing Court DataThe Manual on Record Keeping was amended and updated to produce statewide, uniform, standardized data collection and reporting.3. A new and improved Illinois Courts websiteA modern, user and mobile friendlywebsite was created to improve access to information for all court users. 4.A new Task Force to look at Court Operations during COVID-19Recommendations were made to address challenges facing the judicial branch as it balanced the administration of justice with the safety of staff and court patrons.5. A statewide jury orientation videoA new jury orientation video was created toserve as an introduction to jury service, a hallmark of the American justice system. 6.Improved court operations during a pandemicResidential eviction proceedings and ways to reduce unnecessary in-person court appearances were developed through this initiative. I am so proud of the dedication from everyone involved in the IJC and Task Forces. Their commitment to the Judicial Branch has improved our justice system and I am thrilled that the work continues with the 2022-2025 Strategic Agenda.2 ILLINOIS JUDICIAL BRANCH'