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John H. Mulkey

Previous Illinois Supreme Court Justice

John H. Mulkey was born on May 24, 1824 in Monroe County, Kentucky. He received his education at Bacon College in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, and studied law in Marion. From July 1847 - July 1848 he served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 2nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry in the Mexican War. He served as Judge of Common Pleas in Cairo, Illinois from 1861 - 1867, and as a Circuit Court Judge in the 3rd District from 1864 - 1865. On June 2, 1879 he was elected to the Illinois Supreme Court, where he remained until 1888. He served one term as chief justice in 1885 - 1886. Justice Mulkey died on July 9, 1905 in Metropolis.