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Eighteenth Judicial Circuit

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DuPage County FYI

Named after a small river that flows through the county.

The county seat hasn’t always been Wheaton—Naperville claimed the honor from 1839 to 1867—and like a number of other counties in the Midwest, relocating the county seat was fraught with controversy. First put to a vote in 1857, the initiative failed, but 10 years later those for Wheaton prevailed, and when Napervillains refused to relinquish County records men from Wheaton staged a midnight raid to forcibly retrieve them.

On November 2, 1990, the present courthouse was dedicated. Occupying over 300,000 square feet, it serves the people of DuPage County today.

Eighteenth Judicial Circuit (Second Appellate District)

DuPage County

Wheaton, County Seat

Courthouse contact information:
DuPage County Judicial Center
505 North County Farm Road
Wheaton, IL 60187

Circuit Court Clerk information

DuPage County website

DuPage County Courthouse

18th Circuit Court Judges

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