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Supreme Court in Session

The Court convenes in the Illinois Supreme Court Building in Springfield on the second Monday in the months of September, November, January, March, and May. The length of each session depends upon the matters before the Court. Between sessions, Justices are concerned with reviewing briefs, pleas and motions for forthcoming sessions, and with the preparation and review of Court opinions.

A quorum of four Justices is required for transaction of Court business and there must be agreement among at least four Justices on any decision or opinion rendered by the Court. The Justices select one of their members to serve as Chief Justice for a term of three years.

The Chief Justice occupies the center chair behind the bench in the Courtroom, with the other Justices seated alternately to the Chief's right and left in order of their seniority. The Marshal of the Court and the clerk of the Court sit at desks facing each other before the bench.

Persons addressing the Court use the center table and lectern. Tables are provided for opposing counsel near the lectern. Normally, 50 minutes per case is allotted for oral argument. This time is divided between counsel with 20 minutes allowed for opening argument, 20 minutes for reply, followed by 10 minutes for rebuttal. Upon request, additional time may be extended in any case.