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Article VII - Rules on Admission & Discipline of Attorneys

Rule Rule Title
Rule 701 General Qualifications
Rule 702 Board of Admissions to the Bar
Amended Nov. 18, 2016, eff. immediately
Rule 703 Educational Requirements
Rule 704 Qualification on Examination
Rule 705 Admission on Motion
Amended Oct. 15, 2015, eff. Jan. 1, 2016
Rule 706 Filing Deadlines and Fees of Registrants and Applicants
Amended May 26, 2016, eff. July 1, 2016
Rule 707 Pro Hac Vice
Rule 708 Committee on Character and Fitness
Rule 709 Power to Make Rules, Conduct Investigations, and Subpoena Witnesses
Rule 710 Immunity
Rule 711 Representation by Supervised Law Students or Graduates
Amended June 8, 2016, eff. immediately
Rule 712 Licensing of Foreign Legal Consultants Without Examination
Rule 713 Applications for Licensing of Foreign Legal Consultants
Rule 714 Reserved
Rule 715
Admission of Graduates of Foreign Law Schools     
Rule 716 Limited Admission of House Counsel
Amended Oct. 15, 2015, eff. Jan. 1, 2016
Rule 717 Limited Admission of Legal Service Program Lawyers
Rule 718 Provision of Legal Services Following Determination of Major Disaster
Rule 719 Admission of Military Spouse Attorneys From Other Jurisdictions
Rule 720 Reserved
Rule 721 Professional Service Corporations, Professional Associations, Limited Liability Companies, and Registered Limited Liability Partnerships for the Practice of Law
Rule 722 Limited Liability Legal Practice
Rules 723-729 Reserved
Rule 730 Group Legal Services
Rules 731-750 Reserved
Rule 751 Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
Rule 752 Administrator
Amended Jan. 25, 2017, eff. immediately
Rule 753 Inquiry, Hearing and Review Boards
Amended Mar. 18, 2016, eff. immediately
Rule 754 Subpoena Power
Rule 755 Assistance of Members of the Bar; Rule-Making Power of Boards
Rule 756 Registration and Fees
Amended Jan. 25, 2017, eff. immediately
Rule 757 Transfer to Disability Inactive Status Upon Involuntary Commitment or Upon Judicial Determination of Legal Disability Because of Mental Condition
Rule 758 Mental Disability or Addiction to Drugs or Intoxicants
Rule 759 Restoration to Active Status
Rule 760 Appointment of Medical Experts
Rule 761 Conviction of Crime
Rule 762 Disbarment and Other Discipline on Consent
Rule 763 Reciprocal Disciplinary Action
Rule 764 Duties of a Disciplined Attorney and Attorneys Affiliated with Disciplined Attorney
Rule 765 Service
Rule 766 Confidentiality and Privacy
Rule 767 Reinstatement
Rule 768 Notification of Disciplinary Action
Rule 769 Maintenance of Records
Rule 770 Types of Discipline
Amended Jan. 25, 2017, eff. immediately
Rule 771 Finality of Orders and Effective Date of Discipline
Rule 772 Probation
Rule 773 Costs
Rule 774 Interim Suspension
Rule 775 Immunity
Rule 776 Appointment of Receiver in Certain Cases
Rule 777 Registration of, and Disciplinary Proceedings Relating to, Foreign Legal Consultants
Rule 778 Retention of Records by Administrator
Rule 779 Unauthorized Practice of Law Proceedings
Rule 780 Client Protection Program
Rule 790 Title and Purpose
Rule 791 Persons Subject to MCLE Requirements
Rule 792 The MCLE Board
Rule 793 Requirement for Newly-Admitted Attorneys
Amended May 23, 2017, eff. July 1, 2017
Rule 794 Continuing Legal Education Requirement
Amended Apr. 3, 2017, eff. July 1, 2017
Rule 795 Accreditation Standards and Hours
Amended May 23, 2017, eff. July 1, 2017
Rule 796 Enforcement of MCLE Requirements
Amended Nov. 19, 2015, eff. Feb. 1, 2016
Rule 797 Confidentiality
Rule 798 Reserved
Rule 799 Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism