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Warren H. Orr

Previous Illinois Supreme Court Justice

Warren H. Orr was born in Hannibal, Missouri on November 5, 1886. After graduating from Hannibal High School he attended the University of Missouri, receiving an A.B. degree in 1909 and an LL.B. degree in 1911. He earned his way through the university largely by newspaper work, became an editor of the college paper, and was chosen as one of seven members of a senior honorary society. After passing the Missouri and Illinois bar examinations, he located first at Quincy and moved later to Hamilton where (1911) a great dam across the Mississippi river was in the course of construction. He was elected City Attorney of Hamilton in 1913 and served for five years, also engaging in the general practice of law. In 1918 he was elected County Judge of Hancock County, re-elected by a large majority in 1922, and in 1926 was chosen to serve a third term without opposition. While County Judge he was frequently called upon to preside in the County and Probate Courts of Cook County and in the Municipal Court of Chicago. In 1923 he was elected president of the Illinois County and Probate Judges’ Association. On June 2, 1930 he was elected to the Supreme Court. He died January 12, 1962 in Evanston.