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Loren E. Murphy

Previous Illinois Supreme Court Justice

Loren E. Murphy was born in Fulton County in 1882. He graduated from the College of Law of the University of Michigan in 1906, and in that year began the practice of law in Monmouth, Illinois. He was elected County Judge of Warren County in 1910, and re-elected in 1914. Justice Murphy was engaged in private practice in Monmouth from December 1918, to November 1932, when he was elected Circuit Judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit to fill a vacancy which expired in June 1933. He was re-elected at that time and served until June 1939. Later that year, he was appointed Judge of the Illinois Appellate Court, Fourth District, and served six years. He was elected Justice of the Supreme Court, Fourth District, on June 19, 1939. He was chosen to serve as Chief Justice on September 8, 1941. He died June 2, 1963.