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June C. Smith

Previous Illinois Supreme Court Justice

June C. Smith was born at Irvington on March 24, 1876. He was admitted to the Bar in 1904 and practiced law in Centralia continuously thereafter until elected to the Supreme Court. Justice Smith served as State’s Attorney of Marion County, 1904-1908; was an Assistant Attorney General, 1909-1913 and was a member of the Judicial Advisory Council for the State of Illinois, 1929-1933. He served in the infantry section of the United States army, with the rank of major, during World War I. Justice Smith was elected to the Supreme Court on February 25, 1941, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Justice Norman L. Jones. He was re-elected for a full term on June 1, 1942 and became Chief Justice at the September term 1943, serving in that capacity until September 1944. He died February 4, 1947.