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Warren W. Duncan

Previous Illinois Supreme Court Justice

Warren W. Duncan was born near Lake Creek, Williamson County, Illinois, January 21, 1857. From six to seventeen years of age he attended common schools and in 1874 entered Ewing College; remained five years, graduated with an A.B. and in 1883 received the degree of A.M. In June, 1881, he began the study of law under Judge W. H. Williams of Benton, in 1884 read law under Judge G. W. Young and on October 13, 1884, entered the St. Louis Law School and took up senior studies. He was admitted to practice at Mt. Vernon, February 25, 1885. He returned to law school and graduated, receiving the degree of LL.B. magna cum laude. He began practice at Marion August 18, 1885, and June 18, 1903 was elected Circuit Judge and re-elected in 1909. He served on the Appellate Bench, First District, Branch C and in the Fourth District. He was elected to the Supreme Court in 1915 and re-elected in 1924. He died April 11, 1938 in Marion.