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Horace L. Calvo

Previous Illinois Supreme Court Justice

Horace L. Calvo was born in Chicago on January 4, 1927. He was educated at Springfield Junior College, the University of Illinois, and St. Louis University Law School. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 1944 to 1947. He practiced law in Granite City from 1956 to 1975, as a solo practitioner and in the firm of Calvo, Mateyke & Hill. He served as an Assistant Illinois Attorney General from 1961 to 1968, was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives in 1968 and served there until he was appointed to the circuit court in 1975. He was assigned to the Fifth District Appellate Court in 1987 and elected to the Supreme Court of Illinois in 1988. Justice Calvo succeeded Justice Joseph H. Goldenhersh. Upon his death on June 3, 1991, Justice Joseph F. Cunningham was appointed by the court to fill his vacancy until the next general election, at which time Justice Moses W. Harrison II was elected to succeed him. Justice Calvo was a member of the American, Illinois, Madison County and Tri-City Bar Associations, and was affiliated with the Democratic party. He was married to Josephine Beth, and they had four children and five grandchildren.