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David J. Baker

Previous Illinois Supreme Court Justice

David J. Baker was born on November 20, 1834, in Kaskaskia, Randolph County. He was educated in Shurtleff, where he received his B.A. in 1854. He served as the Mayor of Cairo, Illinois from 1864 - 1865, and as Circuit Court Judge for the 19th judicial district from 1869 - 1873. Beginning in 1873 he served as Circuit Court Judge for the 26th judicial circuit, a post he held until July 1878 when he was appointed to fill the vacancy on the Illinois Supreme Court created by the death of Justice Sidney Breese. In June, 1879 he returned to his post as Circuit Court Judge, where he remained until returning to the Supreme Court in June 1888. He remained a member of the Supreme Court until June, 1897. He served as Chief Justice from June 1893 - June 1894. Judge Baker died on March 3, 1899, in Chicago.