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Judicial Conference of Illinois


The Judicial Conference of Illinois, consisting of eighty-two judges, is responsible for suggesting improvements in the administration of justice in Illinois. The Executive Committee, composed of the chief justice and fourteen members of the Judicial Conference, reviews recommendations of the various committees and makes recommendations to the Supreme Court, resolves questions of committee jurisdiction, acts on behalf of the Judicial Conference between annual meetings, and performs other duties delegated by the Supreme Court. The Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts serves as Secretary of the Conference.


Judicial Conference Committees - 2017

Executive Committee
Chief Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier, Illinois Supreme Court, Chair

Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinating Committee
Hon. Thomas R. Allen, Circuit Court of Cook County, Chair

Civil Justice Committee
Hon. Diane J. Larsen, Chair

Criminal Justice Committee
Hon. Ronald M. Jacobson, Chair

Committee on Education
Hon. Thomas M. Donnelly, Circuit Court of Cook County, Chair

Juvenile Justice Committee
Hon. Stuart P. Katz,, Chair

Committee on Strategic Planning
Hon. S. Gene Schwarm (ret.), Chair

Judicial Conference Annual Reports Available


Judicial Conference Reports prior to 2002 are available upon request as supply lasts.