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Other State of Illinois Procurement Links

Visit these other links for more information on doing business with the State of Illinois.

Illinois Department of Human Rights Form
All vendors (in-state and out-of-state) who have employed fifteen or more employees at any time during the 365-day period immediately preceding the publication of a solicitation in the Illinois Procurement Bulletin must have a current Public Contract Number from the Department of Human Rights or have proof of having submitted a completed application (IDHR Employers Report Form PC-1) for one prior to the offer opening date. 

Out-of-State Vendors
Out-of-State vendors must contact the Illinois Secretary of State (217/782-1834) regarding an Application for Authority to Transact Business in Illinois.

Illinois Procurement Bulletin
Supplies and services procurement website, managed by Illinois Department of Central Management Services.

Transportation Procurement Bulletin
Department of Transportation's procurement website for road construction.

CDB - Construction Procurement Bulletin
Capital Development Board's procurement website for building construction.

Higher Education Procurement Bulletin
Procurement website for the public universities in Illinois.

Business Enterprise Program
The Illinois Business Enterprise Program for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities (BEP) promotes the economic development of businesses owned by minorities, females, and persons with disabilities.

Small Business Set-Aside Program
The Small Business Set-Aside Program allows for the Chief Procurement Officer of the State of Illinois to allocate a fair portion of construction, supply, and service contracts for award to small businesses in Illinois. Legislation effective January 1, 2005 increases annual sales limits for wholesale and retail businesses so that more companies can be considered small businesses when competing for state contracts.