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Illinois Courts Audio Podcasts

What is a Podcast?

When you hear the word "podcast", you may think you need an iPod to listen to an audio podcast. The truth is you don't need an iPod or even a portable music player to listen to an audio podcast. All you really need is a computer.

A podcast is a way for individuals to automatically get audio files by signing up (subscribing) to a special podcast feed. Whenever new audio files are available online, the feed gets updated and a subscriber can see a list of new audio available and choose to listen to the audio on their computer or download into a portable music player.
All Illinois Courts audio podcasts are FREE.

What do I need?

Today, all an individual needs to subscribe to a podcast is a current version of your favorite browser or podcast software. Most podcast software is available as a free download. Some of the most popular podcast software are:

To subscribe with a browser, an individual clicks on podcast graphic.and subscribes to the feed.
To subscribe with podcast software, an individual clicks on podcast graphic, then copies the URL of the feed and pastes it into their podcasting software. This will subscribe them to the feed and their podcast software will automatically check our podcast feed for updates and new audio files can be downloaded.