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Lesson 7 - Local Government

The Illinois Constitution provides for local government. Local government provides needed services at a much smaller and personal level. Units of local government can be counties, municipalities, townships, school districts, and special districts. Municipalities are cities, villages, or incorporated towns. Residents of these units can create government to provide themselves with schools, water and sewer systems, road services, fire and police protection, parks and recreational facilities, and many other services.

County government is the largest unit of local government. Each county has a government body known as the county board. Illinois has 102 counties and each county has a county seat, which is where the county board is located.

There are several forms of municipal government:  Aldermanic-City form, Trustee-Village form, Commission form, Manager form, and Strong Mayor form. Each of these forms provide its own rules for the operations of government, the selection and type of officers, and the responsibilities and powers of those officers.

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