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Judicial Education in Illinois

2014–2015 Judicial Education Events

General information about 2014–2015 Judicial Education events is shown below by month. Click on an event name for an overview of the seminar. For additional information, contact the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, Judicial Education Division, at (312) 793-2125 or 2011,  or via email at juded_events@illinoiscourts.gov. If you have an interest in serving as either a member of a benchbook writing team, or judicial faculty for future judicial education events, please complete the Judicial Education Volunteer Form.


Illinois Judges may register for any of the events below online through the Illinois Supreme Court Judicial Portal and Conference Management Application (CMA). Registration restrictions do apply. Please see registration details for each event, including whether the submission of an Authorization Form from the Chief Circuit Judge for associate and circuit judges is required.

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    September 2014
  • Faculty Development Workshop
    September 11 – 12, 2014
  • Event Overview
    The 2014 Faculty Development Workshop will provide an opportunity primarily for the 2015 New Judge Seminar faculty to review adult learning theories and engage in learning activities that will enhance facilitation and presentation skills, and develop instructional strategies that will lead to effective and successful judicial presentations. Faculty will also have the opportunity to meet with co-faculty during the Workshop.

    CJ Authorization Form is required

    October 2014

  • A Training on Self-Represented Litigants and Other Access to Justice Issues
    October 22, 2014
  • Event Overview
    This multidisciplinary training will assist trial judges in developing the skills needed to manage cases involving self-represented litigants and those with limited English proficiency more efficiently and effectively. The training sessions will include tools and techniques to help judges manage their courtrooms effectively, maintain neutrality and increase access to justice. This training will also offer complementary training sessions for circuit clerks and court administrators to gain similar access to justice skills as it relates to their job responsibilities, and to encourage all stakeholders to work collaboratively to improve access to justice in the trial courts.

    CJ Authorization Form is required

  • Annual Meeting of the Illinois Judicial Conference
    October 23, 2014
  • Event Overview
    The Annual Meeting of the Illinois Judicial Conference is constitutionally mandated to assist in the improvement of the administration of justice in Illinois.

    February 2015

  • New Judge Seminar
    February 2 – 6, 2015
  • Event Overview
    Newly elected and appointed judges are required to attend New Judge Seminar, a five-day orientation and training held annually. New judges engage in an in-depth overview of judicial ethics and conduct, judicial decision-making and substantive and procedural topics.

    March 2015

  • DUI / Traffic Issues Seminar
    March 19 – 20, 2015
  • Event Overview
    This two-day multidisciplinary seminar will focus on critical issues and cases relating to traffic offenses and driving under the influence, from arrest to sentencing and planned in coordination with the Judicial Education Division and Probation Services Division of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts. The 2015 Seminar is funded, in part, by a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation - Division of Traffic Safety, Section 405 Highway Safety Funds.

    CJ Authorization Form is required

    April 2015

  • Appellate Court Conference
    April 13 – 14, 2015
  • Conference Overview
    The annual Appellate Court Conference, attended by Appellate Court Judges, Clerks and Research Directors, serves as a forum for discussion and dissemination of information relating to the specific concerns of the Appellate bench. The annual meeting of the Appellate Court is also held during the Conference.

    June 2015

  • 2015 Advanced Judicial Academy
    June 8 – 11, 2015
  • Seminar Overview
    The Academy, which is scheduled over 3½ days, offers an opportunity for judges to critically and analytically consider the intersection of law and other disciplines in a casual university setting. The 2015 Academy will seek to improve judicial knowledge of the general principles of science and scientific methodology and will assist judges in becoming more informed decision makers with respect to the evaluation and use of scientific evidence, through practical application, exercises and presentations.

Judicial Education Programs

Information about Judicial Education Programs

Under the authority of the Illinois Supreme Court, the Judicial Education Division of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts coordinates and manages judicial education events on behalf of the Supreme Court and in coordination with the Appellate Court Administrative Committee, the Illinois Judicial Conference Committee on Education, the Judicial Mentor Committee, the Special Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Justice and Mental Health Planning, the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice, and other entities as determined by the State Court Director and the Court.

In 2000, the Supreme Court reinstated the large conference format to provide a wide range of judicial education and professional development sessions for associate, circuit and appellate judges. Education Conference is presented twice in alternate years, with half the state’s judges participating in the first session and the other half in a second session. In 2008, the Conference was expanded to a 30 hour curriculum and became the vehicle for the fulfillment of minimum continuing judicial education hours. Full attendance and participation in the 30 hour Conference meets the continuing judicial education obligations of Illinois judges as established by the Supreme Court.

Regional Seminars
Regional seminars are two-day judicial education events that provide opportunities for detailed study of a selected topic.
Mini Seminars
Mini seminars are one-day judicial education events that provide study and discussion of specific substantive and procedural topics in a condensed time period.

To insure the highest degree of judicial competency, Supreme Court Rule 43 requires judges who may preside over a capital case to attain certification every two years through participation in a Supreme Court approved Capital Litigation Seminar.

The Appellate Court Administrative Committee studies and recommends methods to improve the administration of the appellate court. The Committee also plans the annual Appellate Court Conference, attended by Appellate Court Judges, Clerks of the Appellate Court and Research Directors. The Conference serves as a forum for discussion and dissemination of information relating to the specific concerns of the Appellate bench. The annual meeting of the Appellate Court is held during the Conference.

While most of the training coordinated by the Judicial Education Division is for the benefit of the judiciary, the Court recognizes the need for non-judicial court personnel to receive training as well. Accordingly, training has been held for the benefit of Appellate and Supreme Court Law Clerks, Research Directors and Research Attorneys and included presentations on judicial opinion writing, web-based legal research and case law updates.

The Judicial Mentor Committee, in partnership with the Administrative Office, coordinates training and certification for New and Peer Judge Mentors. New Judge Mentors are assigned to judges who have been on the bench less than one year, while Peer Judge Mentors are assigned to judges with more than one year of judicial experience who have self-referred or received a referral from their Chief Circuit Judge. Mentors for both new and peer judge mentees are nominated by Chief Circuit Judges and approved by the Judicial Mentor Committee. Both New and Peer Judge Mentors must participate in training prior to receiving certification.

Newly elected and appointed judges are required by the Supreme Court to attend the first New Judge Seminar offered after their transition to the bench. New Judge Seminar is a five-day training annually and taught by experienced Illinois judges. The curriculum is broad and offers new judges the opportunity to overview and critically consider substantive and procedural law, judicial ethics and judicial decision making.

The Advanced Judicial Academy is rooted in the desire to thoughtfully consider a subject matter and the intersect between law and society and judicial decision making, as well as relevant outcomes associated with existing law. The Academy offers judges the opportunity to engage in writing workshops and the review of literature and build greater personal and professional understandings through shared ideas and experiences in a casual university setting.

Faculty Development is an opportunity for existing and prospective judicial faculty to review adult learning theories and practices, develop instructional strategies and enhance facilitation and presentation skills, including more effective use of materials and technology and other learning activities.

In addition to the trainings listed above, one and two day training events focused on a specific area of law or subject matter, are planned annually. Please see the Judicial Education Events tab for a current list and description of annual events.