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Comprehensive Judicial Education Plan for Illinois Judges

Approved Non-Judicial Conference Judicial Education Program Providers

Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts
Judicial Education Division
Phone: (312) 793-2125


Supreme Court Rule 43. Seminars on Capital Cases

        (a) In order to insure the highest degree of judicial competency during a capital trial and sentencing hearing Capital Litigation Seminars approved by the Supreme Court shall be established for judges that may as part of their designated duties preside over capital litigation. The Capital Litigation Seminars should include, but not be limited to, the judge’s role in capital cases, motion practice, current procedures in jury selection, substantive and procedural death penalty case law, confessions, and the admissibility of evidence in the areas of scientific trace materials, genetics, and DNA analysis. Seminars on capital cases shall be held twice a year.

        (b) Any circuit judge or associate judge who in his current assignment may be called upon to preside over a capital case shall attend a Capital Litigation Seminar at least once every two years.

  • In accordance with Rule 43 the Supreme Court Committee on Capital Cases conducts two Capital Litigation Seminars annually. Attendance at the seminars is coordinated by the chief circuit judge. Any judge wishing to attend a Capital Litigation Seminar should contact the chief judge of the circuit.

  • The Administrative Office will award judicial education credit to judges who attend a Capital Litigation Seminar.


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