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Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit

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DeKalb County FYI

The county gained its name from Johann DeKalb, who was a German baron who fought for the Colonies during the Revolution.

The current DeKalb County Courthouse building was the third such structure to be built in Sycamore. The first courthouse was a log building built in 1839, across the street from its current location. Due to progressive growth in the county, a second building was constructed in 1850 and additions were made to this structure in 1863 

In 1905, Sycamore retained the county seat, and gained a new courthouse, at a price of approximately $100,000.

Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit
(Second Appellate District)

DeKalb County

Sycamore, County Seat

Courthouse contact information:
DeKalb County Courthouse
110 E. Sycamore Street
Sycamore, IL 60178

Circuit Court Clerk information

DeKalb County website

Dekalb County Courthouse
DeKalb County Courthouse

Kendall County FYI

Named for Amos Kendall, 1789-1869, an American journalist and statesman. In 1829 he went to Washington, D.C., and was appointed by President Jackson fourth auditor of the Treasury. In 1835 he was appointed U.S. Postmaster General by Jackson, and he remained at the post under President Van Buren.

Two locations were offered for the county seat, Yorkville and Bristol. The Yorkville site was chosen. The new building was completed in 1864 at a total estimated cost of $22,000. In 1887, the courthouse burned. The walls of the building were used for reconstruction, which was completed at a cost of $18,130. 1998 the new courthouse was built.

Kendall County

Yorkville, County Seat

Courthouse contact information:
Kendall County Courthouse
807 W. John Street
Yorkville, IL 60560

Circuit Court Clerk information

Kendall County website

Kendall County Courthouse
Kendall County Courthouse

23rd Circuit Court Judges

Information on Chief Judges and their Administrative staff

Circuit Court Judges and Associate Judges

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Permission granted for usage of courthouse photos courtesy of:
Illinois Regional Archives Depository
Illinois State Archives
Springfield, IL 62756